Gary’s Bookshelf

I have been inspired by Dan Russell’s book dinners at a variety of professional meetings. I often come with a list of 10 or more books that I’ve read recently, yet the format of Dan’s dinners allows me to mention at most two. So I thought I’d create a space where I could share more of the books that I’ve enjoyed. We have estimated that we own about 35,000 books, so it’s a non-trivial library. We acquire books to read, now or later, or to reference.

I’ve created seven categories(so far):

Some categories to come, when I am ready to get to them: Travel, and Railways (real and model). I’ll focus on the ones listed above for now.

I’ll update the lists periodically, and at various points let Facebook friends know that I’ve done so.

If you have comments or suggestions, please e-mail me at